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Kool Kidz Developments 2024

Expansion - Next Door Property

We have now completed the purchase of the adjacent property. At the beginning of December the precious occupants moved out and we embarked on a refurbishment exercise. 

The hedge between the two properties was removed and two walls were built on the far side and at the front. The house was repainted and has been turned into classrooms and an office for Peggie. The playground equipment has been re-erected where the hedge was and there is now plenty of space available for the children to kick a ball around. 

Eventually we intend to construct additional classrooms for which we now have plenty of available space.

A nice shady mango tree next to the office.

The new grades 3 & 4 classroom being prepared

A fence has now been installed to separate our house from the school.

Cholera Outbreak

Due to the cholera outbreak in Zambia (mainly confined to Lusaka) the reopening of all schools has been put back from the 8th January to the 12th February. 

As a result the schools calendar for the whole year has had to be revised.

Our teachers are busy compiling a homework programme for the children.


Staff Changes

Teachers Juliet and Aaron have left Kool Kidz.

Teacher Patrick who taught the grade 7’s last year will now be in charge of the grades 3 & 4.

Teacher Sylvia has been made school manager as well as looking after the Pre-Schoolers.

Teacher Besnart will continue to be in charge of the grades 1 & 2 children

We are still seeking a grade 5 teacher but in the meantime Peggie will teach these kids.

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