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Airport Tour – 4 October 2023

Airport Tour – 4 October 2023

To great excitement the children embarked on a visit to Harry Nkumbula International Airport in Livingstone. A hired bus from Chikondi Tours first brought the kids from Dambwa North to Highlands and then took all the children in two trips to the airport along with their teachers. 

The bus operator, that’s him in the photo, was very jovial and child friendly.


At the airport

Unfortunately, the children were not allowed onto the aircraft as the owners no longer permit it, understandable I suppose.

Some of our Kool Kidz on the airport apron,           It was a learning experience for the teachers too.

The children were given a lot of information about the airport and its’ operation by the very helpful airport staff, including a demonstration of the fire engine. Joshua, middle class, couldn’t contain himself and took over from the guide, explaining how the hose is used in putting out fires. He was given a warm round of applause.

The kids were also shown the inside of the standby ambulance and its’ workings.

Photo of Kool Kidz for the airport Instagram promotional page.


7th grader Sarah with baby class MJ on her back. Isn’t this cute!!

Looking on Kimberly & Agness.



At the baggage collection carousel.


Teacher Peggie supervising the little ones

After the airport tour the bus took everybody to Mukuni Park where a meal of chicken chips and salad was provided, following which the kids all enjoyed themselves playing on the jumping castle.

A big thanks to all the teachers for making the day a success.

Also, thanks to Mrs Dodia. Maria and Iness for the cooking.

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