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Kool Kidz Sports Day

Kool Kidz Sports Day

On 1st July 2022 the Sports Day activities were conducted with great enthusiasm! The whole process began at 10:00hrs and ended at 12:30 p.m. The two teams for Zebra and Cheetah houses marched along the cordoned off street just outside Kool Kidz, displaying their banners which had been made by the upcoming school artists Nelson in 7th grade and Dillon in 6th grade.


To commence the hugely anticipated occasion, teacher Sylvia from Baby Class offered an opening prayer which was followed by a well-coordinated marching parade by both house teams, with each proudly displaying their banner and singing morale boosting songs. 

The school manager then welcomed all students and encouraged them to compete as a team, either win or lose.

The first event was the 100 meter race, followed by a spectacular sack, spoon and finally obstacle races.

There had to be only one winning house and fortunately for Cheetah with 24 points, four more than Zebra house, emerged as winners!

Independent winners were plentiful! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WINNERS!


Gwambeni Beaulah sack          √
Chimuka Munkombwe 100 m         √
Gwambeni Emmanuel spoon           √
Mwiinga Lubomba 100 m           √
Muchimba Mary obstacle           √
Kabulungwe Perpetual sack           √
Muleba Dillon 100 m           √


materials like discarded tin, bottles, cardboard and others. Teachers submitted names from their classes which were written on pieces of paper, cut out and put in different category jars.

Mr Shand’s bean bottle challenge event which entailed students paying K10 to guess how many beans were in a sealed bottle, then writing their guess number and  name on a piece of paper was a hot hit! There were 593 beans in the bottle. The lucky winner, Jemimah, who guessed 589 beans, walked away with K150 and second was Gabriella, 600 beans, who scooped K50. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WINNERS! 

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