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Kool Kidz End of Term Class Picnic

Kool Kidz End of Term Class Picnic

The much talked about end of term class picnic/party was finally held on the last day of term on Thursday 28th July 2022 just outside the Kool Kid premises under the trees! Most wore home clothes though the notice went out rather late the previous day which resulted in quite a number wearing school uniform. Apologies! 

Children had been encouraged earlier in the previous week to club together for snacks and these were plentiful! Kool Kidz pitched in with balloons, popcorn and some much needed juice!

Various grades looked for suitable spots and the party was well underway with Teacher Thandiwe acting as the school cool D. J! Everybody jumped in to show off their groovy moves!

There were various raffles with 10 piggy banks as main prizes! These had been made by artist Tammy who we hope will be offering art lessons to older kids fortnightly at Kool Kidz.. They were all made from recycled materials like discarded tin, bottles, cardboard and others. Teachers submitted names from their classes which were written on pieces of paper, cut out and put in different category jars.

Mr Shand’s bean bottle challenge event which entailed students paying K10 to guess how many beans were in a sealed bottle, then writing their guess number and  name on a piece of paper was a hot hit! There were 593 beans in the bottle. The lucky winner, Jemimah, who guessed 589 beans, walked away with K150 and second was Gabriella, 600 beans, who scooped K50. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WINNERS! 



Most improved academically piggy bank Blessing Musukuma Gr. 1
Excellent attendance piggy bank Kutemba Njimba Reception
Attire: proper uniform piggy bank Kimberly Malaya Gr. 6
Most responsible piggy bank Natalia


Homework piggy bank Gabbie Dodia Gr.1
Most punch cards All got piggy banks
  1. Shaun 
  2. Kim
  3. Grace
  4. Norbert
Gr. 7

Gr. 6

Gr. 1

Gr. 2

Bean bottle challenge K150


  1. Jemimah 
  2. Gabbie
Gr. 1

Gr. 1



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